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With a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), your next major purchase may be easier to pay for than you think.

A HELOC allows you to take your home's equity and use it for that big home renovation project you've been dreaming of, your child's tuition or just about any large purchase you have your heart set on - all with a 2.99% APR* for the first six months, then a 4.00% APR* starting in month 7-variable interest rate for the remaining term.

Get all the benefits you've been looking for - what's more to love? 
  • 2.99% APR* for first six months
  • 4.00% APR* starting in month 7-variable interest rate for the remaining term
  • No annual fee

If you love low rates and are all about flexibility and convenience - then a HELOC may be perfect for you! Our experienced mortgage lending team prides themselves on delivering a personalized experience catered just for you - so you can focus on your goals. 

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* The promotional Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 2.99% for the first 6 months. After this period, your interest rate will be based on the Wall Street Journal Prime (WSJ) or a floor rate whichever is greater. The Wall Street Journal Prime index is currently 3.25%. APR is accurate as of 08/09/2021. After the promotional period, this product has a variable rate feature. Minimum interest rate (floor) is 4.00%. Maximum interest rate is 12%. Minimum monthly payments during the first 120 months is the greater of interest only or $25. At the end of the initial 120 months no more advances of credit will occur and any remaining balance converts to a principal and interest payment for the next 120 months as provided for in the Agreement. An appraisal, title search and a consumer fee will be assessed (total charges range from $125.00 to $1,000.00 based on the loan amount). All loans are subject to credit and underwriting approval. Other restrictions may apply. Primary residences only. Homeowners insurance is required. Flood insurance required, as applicable. Offer subject to change without notice.